Powering the new generation of white label front-end and back office solutions for music enterprises, both large and small.

After 13 years of supporting artists from all walks of life, ONErpm has developed new technology to empower the next wave of forward thinking music companies seeking to take control of their future.

Manage Your Marketing Campaigns In Your Custom CMS

Plan and strategize campaigns for your releases on one page. Input your allocated budget and marketing drivers, and set your goals. Plan your pitches for playlists and syncs, and assign tasks to your team so everyone is on the same page. Use our marketing tools to create pre-saves and smartlinks, and generate promo art.

Product and Account Management

Manage unlimited accounts and products, with the ability to filter and easily find what you’re looking for. View Account Details and Album Details for all you need for each account and release. Input and edit metadata – our system will flag any missing or erroneous information so you can be sure your releases will be accepted by all DSPs.

Finance and Accounting Made Easy

Create custom financial reports and keep track of recoupment, sales, and streaming data. Track and execute payments according to your schedule, and let your artists and labels withdraw their royalties whenever they want. Easily invite collaborators to receive royalty shares from specific products or from entire accounts with just a few clicks.

Dashboards for your A&R, Marketing, and Operational Teams

Your teams will be able to see artist stats and deep dive into more details with their individual dashboards. They will also see outstanding, assigned, and completed tasks ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

Data, Data, Data

You will be able to see daily and monthly streaming and sales data, and can compare data using a variety of factors. 

Deliver Your Products

We deliver your products according to the latest standards, ensuring they don’t get rejected by DSPs. Distribute your music videos and ringtones, and register your compositions, all in our straightforward system.

Catalog Management

Manage your catalogs, and create as many accounts as you need. Access and edit metadata for each product, or request a takedown with one click.