Practical Interface
Tailored to Clients’ Needs

Select which aspects of the user interface clients will have access to. Unlock different features per client based on business needs.

Product Management

Enable a self-service platform where clients upload and manage music and videos, or do it on their behalf. By default the user interface comes standard with numerous features to self manage uploads and delivery operations.

Business Intelligence

Monitor performance with robust analytical tools. View daily and monthly stats, and compare data by track, artist, album, country, and store. Keep track of revenue sources and costs. View earnings filtered by product, country, and store, and see detailed income and expense breakdowns.

Promo Tools

Generate pre-saves, smartlinks, and promo art. Manage ad campaigns and pitch for editorial support.

Custom Marketing Campaigns

Generate pre-saves, smartlinks, and promo art. Share your marketing teams’ release campaigns with your clients while working with them collaboratively.

Finances and Accounting

Give clients access to their  finances where they can. check monthly data and payments, create custom reports, download monthly statements, and generate royalty shares with other artists and collaborators.