the next generation

of back office solutions and front end technology for forward thinking music enterprises seeking to take control of their future

Much more than a white label digital music distribution solution, our SAAS is a comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of a modern day music company’s daily operating and business activities.

Account and Product Management

Onboard and manage unlimited artist accounts, audio albums, videos, and YouTube channels. Set rates for new releases and catalog, and set delivery requirements for the term of the deal. Link legal agreements to each account. Track all expenses and payments, manage marketing campaigns, and document services rendered, plus much more.

Turn on features as needed based on the permissions of each team member

Give employees access to what they need but no more.
Unlock features based on their role, activities, and seniority.

Manage Marketing Campaigns with Efficiency and Transparency

Create marketing campaigns for your releases, input budgets and marketing drivers, set KPIs, and work collaboratively by assigning tasks to colleagues as well as artist teams.

Marketing Campaigns

Robust Financial and Accounting Solutions Designed for a Complex Business

Whether paying advances or deducting marketing spends, setting different recoupment rules per product or group of products, accounting to collaborators, and more, our systems support and track all of it. We also support a variety of payment solutions and applications.

Enable Custom Dashboards for your A&R, Marketing, and Operational Teams

Create user friendly dashboards specifically designed to meet the needs and workload of staff members by department, role, and activity, thereby increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately productivity.

Business Intelligence

Pair your custom content management system (CMS) with a suite of business analytics that enable your company to monitor performance and sales across individual team members, offices, geography, and more. Create custom reports based on relevant KPIs.

Music and Video Distribution

Deliver your products quickly and with the highest standards leveraging ONErpm’s preferred status with Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and others.