Flexibility & Efficiency
at Any Scale

Robust yet agile back office solutions enabling music enterprises both small and large to scale up efficiently.

Specialist Dashboards

Your A&R and Marketing professionals will have dashboards designed to meet the demands of their daily activities.

Account and Product Management

Add and manage as many accounts, sub-accounts, albums, tracks and videos as needed. Link YouTube channels, DSP artist profiles, and social media profiles to each artist account.

Data associated for each account, album, and artist profile are stored in appropriate tabs

Operations and Quality Control

ONErpm Enterprise Solutions will handle all operational aspects of your deliveries, as well as customer support.

Manage audio and video products comprehensively and efficiently. View and edit metadata, and validate inputs to ensure compliance with DSPs.

Recognize audio that has previously been uploaded to DSPs, and spot matching metadata.

Combating Fraud

Flag artists on the Spotify Watchlist and Apple Curated Artists.

Automatically correct metadata issues per Apple and Spotify guidelines.

Enterprise Solutions provides copyright issue management for YouTube conflicts, Apple Music hidden content, and any other infringements received from DSPs.

Client support offered in multiple languages provided by humans and artificial intelligence.

Marketing Solutions

Plug releases into a robust marketing campaign management software where team members work collaboratively.

Campaign Creation, Management, and Tracking

  • Create new or edit existing campaigns for specific albums or focus tracks, videos, and channels
  • Establish goals and marketing drivers, and input release description, upcoming events, and features
  • Assign campaign project manager, determine budgets, and track costs

Campaign Tasks

Tap into over one hundred marketing tasks organized by activity and department. Create custom tasks as needed and assign tasks to people and /or departments, as well as artist teams.

Manage Pitching

Pitch releases to different DSPs and territories, and keep track of artist followers and playlist features & additions.

Organize songs for synchronization pitching. Add instrumentation, mood, key, and other tags.

Finances & Accounting

Track sales and payments for individual artists and labels. Facilitate client payments with Tipalti, Paypal, PIX, Payoneer, Qiwi, and more.

  • Create rules around advance recoupments per account and/or product or group of products
  • Enable royalty shares per account or product
  • Determine when clients get paid
  • Generate artist or label financial reports